“Behold, I and the children whom the Lord hath given me are for signs and for wonders in Israel from the Lord of hosts, which dwelleth in mount Zion.” Isaiah‬ ‭8:18‬ ‭

Dearly beloved and friends ,the Lord says: you and your children will be for signs and wonders. The child of a conqueror is also a conqueror. Like Father like the son and like mother like the daughter (Ezekiel 16:44 and John 8:44),

The Bible is full of examples of fathers whose children took after them and became greater:

1.Isaac:His Father Abraham was a nobody when God called him but later on he became tremendously great (Genesis 12:1-3,Genesis 24:34-35).
Genesis 26:12-14 -Inspite of the economic situation Isaac became very great ,conquered and overcame famine and failure (Genesis 26:2
Every force attacking your children shall be destroyed in Jesus mighty name amen.
Genesis 21:1-2 Isaac was a child of laughter,
Sorrow shall be far from your family
Isaac was a child of multiplication.(Genesis 26:12-14).Your children will be greater than you in Jesus name.

2.Joshua :His spiritual Father was Moses.
Exodus 12: 40-41 ,Moses took children of Israel out of Egypt.(Exodus:14:1-28)
In Exodus 15:22-26,Moses turned bitter water to sweet;Exodus 17:1-6 brought water out of the rock etc.Now consider his spiritual son ,Joshua.

Joshua 1:1-8 succeeded where Moses failed
Exodus 17:8-13 Lifted up his hands ,while Joshua fought the Amalekites. Joshua was a fighter. 
Joshua 6:1-20 led people and wall of Jericho fell.
Joshua 10:12-14 Joshua stopped the Sun and Moon.
God used Joshua to finally fulfill the destiny of Moses.Moses couldn’t get the children of Israel to the promised land but Joshua did.In a similar manner; God will ensure your children fulfill any aspects of your destiny you can’t fulfill.Amen.

3.Samuel:Samuel was the son of a prayer warrior
(1 Samuel 1:9-10),Hannah.
1 Samuel 1:19-22).Her mother was a partner of a covenant keeping God.

Samuel became a king Maker (1 Samuel 10:1-9)
1 Samuel 16:1-13 made the second king
1 Samuel 15:26-29 he was also a king removal.
He was a man of decrees (1 Samuel 3:13),his word did not fall to the ground unfulfilled.
Samuel was indeed a prophet 1 Samuel 3:19-21.

4.David killed Goliath 
1 Samuel 16:23 he tamed demons
1 Samuel 22:1-2 Vagabonds went to Him to help.
2 Samuel 23:8-39 he made mighty men of the vagabonds
2 Samuel 23:1 he was a good singer,composer
2 Samuel 3:18,he was a king
Psalm 22:1 he was mighty Prophet
Psalm 23 :1 prophesied about Jesus, the great Shepherd 
Psalm 24:7-10 he prophesied about second coming of Jesus
Mark 20:20-23 he was called the father of Jesus :Son of David.
David did all these and Jesus was referred to as Son of David.Of course Jesus is all in all to us all.

G.O ‘s Father was a lay reader but his son G.O is going places for God.
Where you never think you will get to, your children will take your name there in Jesus name.

5.Elijah :Closed the heaven(1 Kings 17:1)
1 Kings 17:13-15: he multiply food of a widow
1 Kings 18:38,fire fell from Heaven

Elisha had double anointing
2 Kings 2:19-22 he destroyed curses
2 Kings 17:1– he was a debt destroyer
He was a commander of commanders 
2 Kings 5: 10 Naaman obeyed him.
2 Kings 6:18-19 arrested his arresters
2 Kings 13:14 Kings called him Daddy
2 Kings 13:20-21 his dead body raised the dead
Elijah was a terror to Kings,Elisha became a Daddy to Kings.

What to do:
1. Ensure you are on the Lord’s side so He can save you and your children 

2.Train up the child the way he should go.

3.Be a good example to your children.

Prayer Points:

1.Father,let the peace of my children be great both biological and spiritual in Jesus mighty name.

2.Father as for me and my children,Please terror far away from me and my children ;don’t let fear come upon them in Jesus mighty name.

3.Father,anyone who gathers together against me and my children, let them all fall.

4.Father anyone today who may be considered barren by this time next year ,let them come with their own children ,please open their wombs.

5.Father,from tonight let my days of glory begin in the mighty name of Jesus, let my days of shame be over.

6.Father,anoint me for victory and anoint my children for victory anoint my family for complete victory.

7.Father by the power of the anointing tonight let every yoke in my family be destroyed.

8.Father, by the power of the anointing of tonight,Let ways be opened unto me anywhere I turn.

All your enemies will bow before you.
Sickness,death,sorrow ,poverty, failure will stay away from you.
Forever you will be greater than your enemies and you will never beg.Go in peace in Jesus mighty name amen.”