Beloved in the Lord, this is our month of divine lifting, Psalm 27:6: And now shall mine head
be lifted up above mine enemies round about me: therefore will I offer in his tabernacle
sacrifices of joy; I will sing, yea, I will sing praises unto the Lord.

What is divine upliftment? These is when God raises you above all your enemies and mockers,
it is when God promotes you to a higher level in your career in life. Divine upliftment is when
God makes you the head and not the tail in life. Every child of God is a candidate for divine
lifting, but many believers are still struggling in life because the devil is still contending with
their blessings. Until you resist the devil in prayers, he will continue to contend with the
blessings of God upon your life. God has made provisions for your divine lifting, but you must
fight the fight of faith, you must pray your way into your inheritance. When we pray, we let
God know that we are absolutely dependent on Him. We hand over our battles to Him (God)
so that He can bring us victory.

This prayer points for divine upliftment will open doors your supernatural progress. As you
engage these prayer points, I see God changing your stories and taking you from one level to
another. Divine upliftment comes from the lord, it doesn’t come from man, therefore stop
looking up to man to lift you. Stop looking up to man to promote you, when you depend on
man, God’s presence cannot work with you. Ps. 75:6-7 says: “For promotion cometh neither
from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: He putteth down
one, and setteth up another.

You must look up to Jesus, he is the author and finisher of our faith Hebrews 12:2. Pray these
prayer points depending on the God of divine lifting today. I see you sharing testimonies
amen. God’s will for us is that we move from glory to glory, 2 Corinthians 3:18,, God doesn’t
want us to be at the back bench of life. Rather He wants us to be above only. Deut, 28:13.
October 2021 – From The Pastor’s Desk: DIVINE LIFTING
We see examples of people who were divinely lifted by God namely;
• Esther –From an orphan, she became the Queen. Esther 2:17-18
• David – was working in the fields when he was called to be anointed as King – Psalm
• Joseph – From slavery to Prison to the Palace. Gen. 41:14
• Mordecai – Was remembered for his good deeds and promoted in place of Haman.

Esther 6:10-11

• Prayer. Matt. 7:7-8
• Obedience to God and Divine authority – Phil. 2:8 Hebrews 13:17
• Humility – Phil. 2: 8-9, James 4:10
• Faithfulness – Luke 16:10-12, Matt. 25:21
• Loyalty – Ruth 2:11-12
• Waiting on God – Isaiah 40:31
God wants to lift us, if only we can ask Him in prayers. Matt. 7:7-8 and connect to his
divine power.
A dear sister in the Lord had an issue at her workplace which led to her suspension. When this
happened, she put a call through to the servants of God of this commission. A prophetic
pronouncement was made on her that God will use the suspension to work out her promotion.
To the glory of God, just as was pronounced, the suspension was lifted, she now has her sit back, and
operations works were given to her confirming her promotion. As at now, no money is released in the
company without her signature and approval.
This can only be the handwork of God. Only God can change suspension to promotion, He can do more
for you if only you will call upon him in prayers. Call now and He will answer you,
in the name of Jesus!

1. Thank you Lord for you are God of divine lifting, in the name of Jesus
2. I bless you Lord for loading me with daily benefits, in the name of Jesus
3. My Father, I thank you for sending your angels to take charge of me in all ways 4. Thank you, Lord, for turning my challenges to testimonies, in the name of Jesus
5. Be merciful unto me and do not cast me away from your presence, in the name of JESUS
6. May my voice not irritate you now and always, in the name of JESUS
7. Please set me free from every punishment of sin, in the name of JESUS.
8. I have resolved to worship you in truth, save me from secret sin, in the name of JESUS.
9. Please restore to me the joy of your salvation, in the name of Jesus.
10. Oh GOD, create in me a new and pure heart to worship you
11. Please establish me strongly in your righteousness, in the name of JESUS.
12. Thunder of God, locate the coven judging my life, in the name of Jesus
13. You garment of a imprisonment cast upon me, catch fire, in the name of Jesus
14. Demonic police assigned to arrest me, back fire, in the name of Jesus
15. Every prisoner’s tag number given to me, catch fire, in the name of Jesus
16. Evil mark working against my life, catch fire, in the name of Jesus
17. My Father, I thank you because my promotion is in your hand, in the name of Jesus
18. In your mercy clothe me with your promotion, in the name of Jesus
19. Hand of God, cause my enemies to make a mistake that will bring about my speedy
promotion, in the name of Jesus
20. Dependable God, unseat whosoever is on my sit of destiny, in the name of Jesus
21. My Father, whosoever you have ordained to promote me come-forth, by fire
22. Lord deny my helpers sleep until they promote me, in the name of Jesus
23. Lord, stir up the hearts of men ordained to promote me, in the name of Jesus
24. My Father, silence every opposition before and after my promotion, in the name of Jesus
25. Evil net spread to catch my answered prayers, catch fire, in the name of Jesus
26. Every gang up in the heavenlies against my answered prayers, scatter
27. Anointing that scatters evil arrangement, fall upon me now, in the name of Jesus 28. Every effort to frustrate my next level catch fire, in the name of Jesus
29. I nullify every new strategy of my enemies against promotion, in the name of Jesus
30. Anything in me that will resist my answered prayer, be uprooted in the name of Jesus
31. Thank you Lord for answered prayers, in the name of Jesus.

Pastor Thomas Oyebisi