“with God all things are possible.”
Matthew 19:26b

I want to thank God for my husband who goes to work and comes back safely he’s not the very careful type so I know that God has been keeping him safe in he’s going out and coming in I give God all the praise for protecting my children and protecting me.

Sister Evelyn Odiaka.

I want to thank God for Giving me breakthrough towards my younger brother’s Education because He just gained admission into college after dropping out of school since middle school and not making any attempts to go back  to school.

 I also want to thank God for he’s grace over my life and family. The Lord has been faithful to me and has given me victory in my academic pursuit. I appreciate Him for granting me breakthrough in my PhD application. I also want to thank God for my husband he has always stood by me and I am very luck t have him as a husband. Finally I want to thank Pastor Thomas Oyebisi for being a source of encouragement to me.

Sister Mary James

I want to thank God for never putting me to shame. I want to appreciate God for making it possible for me to be here healthy and not sick. I also want to thank God for my wife she has been my backbone, she covers me up and she got my back. I appreciate the most high God and I know I will be coming back to testify.

Pastor Sam

I want to thank God for journey mercy, I want to thank him for keeping my family safe and keeping me safe in my place of work when I am working overtime. I also want to thank God for not allowing me to be wrongfully accused of an action I did not commit to Glory be to him, and for putting the wicked to shame for the evil that was plotted against me in my place of work was averted by God and He indeed gloried in He’s name.

Brother Femi Ogunyemi

I want to thank God for keeping me and my family during the Covid period because so many people have died but God has kept us safe. In my place of work God has kept me I even had coworkers who tested positive for Covid’19 but God kept me safe. In my goings and coming he has kept me safe. I’m thanking God that I have a roof over my head. That he has made provisions available for me to meet up with all of my bills even in this hard times. He has been faithful to me. I think God for my son whom God has kept safe in this time of Covid’19. I’m thanking God for where he has placed me and how far he’s brought me. Finally I thank God for my church family that we are all safe and we are filled with love.


Mommy Joy Oyekaba

God has been faithful to me and my Family. Even though I am out of job, God has been faithful by allowing me and Emmanuel my grandson to still have food in our house to eat. God will make provisions for everyone. I want to thank Pastor Thomas and the whole amazing grace family I appreciate each and every one of you for being in my life. I thank you all for supporting our family and I thank God for standing by me through it all and making work out successfully during and after my daughters burial. I give God all the glory.

Mommy Mary Poku

I want to thank the lord for a safe Journey for me, my wife and kids when we travelled to Georgia on ROAD for 16 Hours. While we were driving a 16 wheeler tire busted and started to head towards us while we were driving at 80 miles per hour. I want thank the lord for giving us for the swift and calculated reaction at the time needed to be able to dodge the tire fast enough so we could avoid a major Accident. I also want to thank the Lord for my wife, she has been my backbone always there taking care of our kids and I Thank God for what he has been doing in our lives by keeping us strong. I thank the lord for keeping my wife healthy even though the enemy is always trying to inflict illness on her but because of the lord she is always bouncing back up. I also thank the Lord for granting me divine protection while I’m at work treating/working with Patients with Covid-19. Even though some of my friends and colleagues were tested positive and some of those that survived were left with lifelong ailments that will make them be on medication for the rest of their lives due to the after effect of the Covid19 I Thank God that I’m safe, my family is safe through it all.

Pst. Mayowa