I arrived USA October 2nd, 1997 and in June 1998 I was ordained Assistant Pastor at the RCCGNA Annual Convention in Houston TX, by the General Overseer Pastor E.A. Adeboye.

In August 1998 I was ordained the Pastor of RCCG: Amazing Grace parish. The parish was the 2nd in the DFW metropolis. Our first Sunday service started August 28th at 11836 Judd Court Ste. 226 Dallas, with almost 20 congregants.

My family was still in Nigeria and they waited until December 3rd, 2003 before they joined me here in America. Meanwhile, my experience as Parish Pastor gave me the opportunity to interact with so many different persons enhancing my inter-personal relationships with others.

January 23rd, 2004 was one of my happiest days when at the US District Court, I was sworn in as a citizen of the USA, with my family all around me.

The Church continued to grow slowly but steadily, reaching at times 100 – 110  members.

In compliance with the RCCG guidelines, the parish gave birth in quick succession, to four other parishes, and sent some ministers over to assist the Pastors in the work of the ministry.

I was ordained a full Pastor at the annual convention of July 2005 by the GO. Thereafter, I became a Full Time Pastor, with no other secular work.

The Church secured her permanent location in 2009 in the city of Rowlett TX. The General Overseer dedicated the Church in June 2010. The facility, which had been an American church had been vacated for some time, and therefore it needed some improvements. By His grace, God provided the necessary funds to carry out the repairs.

Many of the Church members did not want to be driving from our former location in Dallas to Rowlett, hence we lost some members. However, with active Evangelism and God’s help, we were able to remain afloat. The Church got approved for Prison Ministry, while we also carried out Evangelism within our neighborhood. Every Summer period, the Church gives out free cold water to motorists at the intersection of Miller & Chiesa (directly opposite our church).

Our doctrinal exercise includes the School of Disciples which is opened to any born-again Christian even outside of RCCG. As many as 500 have graduated from the school and serving as ministers in their various churches.  

The Church became a Zonal headquarter (TX 21) in 2017 and I was appointed the Zonal Coordinator until my retirement as Parish Pastor & Zonal Coordinator in 2019.

I have published two books. The 1st is titled, “WHAT YOU BEHOLD YOU BECOME” in 2014. The 2nd book is titled “THINGS UNKNOWN” which is available on Amazon.com

I am married to A/P Olubukola Ruth Idowu and have 7 children.