(Mark 11:22, Isaiah 43:19, John 11:40

With joy in my heart, I welcome you to this new month of June 2022, a month of Divine Visitation (Luke 1:26).

The word of God is replete with stories of those who through faith changed their lives. God is calling us to come up and increase our faith in Him. He is more than able to give us a great turnaround matter what we are going through or asking Him to do.
I am confident that God will visit you and turn around your situation for good in Jesus name.

John 11: 40, Jesus said, if you believe, you will see the glory of God. Your believe make you to pray, I prayer you ask Him what you want Him to do. Your asking in faith bring changes to your situation. (Mark 11:24). Please increase your faith in Him, refused to take No for any of your requests as a child of the kingdom. Persist in asking through your faith in Him. He will do the unimaginable in your life in Jesus name.

The importance of faith is so crucial to our daily living that its mentioned in the Bible in 174 verses.

The Just Shall live by Faith is also repeated 4 times in the Bible ( Habakkuk 2:4, Rom 1:17, Gal 3:11, Hebrews 10:38.
Our God who is thesame yesterday, today & forever Hebrews 13:8 is prepared to turn around your situation for good. Turn on your faith and keep asking Him in prayers without ceasing. Job said, all the days of my lives I will wait till my change come.

As you increase your faith in Him, he will change your situation & give you joy in Jesus mighty name.


  1. Father, increase my faith & let my focus be on you.
  2. Father, turn around my Situation and give me joy.
  3. Father, make me a worshipper in spirit and truth.
  4. Father, let it be easy for me to obey you.
  5. Father, bring out honey out of the rock for me. Do the seemingly impossible for me and let all around me know that you are the almighty God.
  6. Father, destroy every demonic obstacles limiting me in anyway in Jesus mighty name.
  7. Father, just as angel Gabriel visited Mary with gave her a message of good news, visit me this month, let me receive good news in Jesus name.


Pastor Thomas Oyebisi